About Pipa

At our boutique we have some of my favourite earrings. I posted a video on instagram of me wearing those earrings playing Troels Hammer's song "Run King". I was asked about the name of the instrument and if I was a musician. It's called Pipa! And I wouldn't call myself a musician :P



Pipa is no doubt one of the most famous traditional instruments in Asia. I spent over ten years learning pipa through private lessons since the age of five. My first choice was harp. Instead of going to a music school later I went to a regular university to study aeronautics engineering. I wouldn't call myself a musician because I never made a living by playing pipa.




I performed on various occasions. Pipa opened many doors for me and I have a better life because of those opportunities. Pipa has been a part of me. Now I am obsessed with mixing pipa sound with electronic chill lounge music. Currently I am working on some of my favourite tracks. I am thrilled to share with you soon. 



The pipa I used in the video is made of Burmese santos rosewood. Many friends say it looks like a guitar. It does, but with four strings instead :)

Until our next blog.



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