How I Lost 10+ lbs In Less Than 6 Months

Some of you here might be struggling with losing few extra pounds after Christmas. I am no personal trainer or physiotherapist but I'd like to share some of my weight loss experience. Hope it helps!



I started to watch my weight since June 2020. I couldn't go to the gym like I used to and I mostly stayed home during that time. I felt bloated and not energetic day after day. I tried few things, kept doing some of them, and I have been enjoying the great benefit ever since. 



I was never a runner. Never tried, never liked. I used to think people who jog in freezing cold winter on the street in Canada were insane. Now? I became one of them. Just came back from a jog and loved it. Never say never.

My first jog lasted six minutes, not 16, not 60, but 6 minutes. It took quite some courage for me to try because I knew I sucked at running. I couldn't catch my breath and I had to stop after six minutes. I felt like a weak old lady. I thought I was gonna die. Good thing I didn't give up. It was frustrating and embarrassing at first but I did not stop. I kept jogging a couple of minutes longer every time and now I jog 40-60 minutes around 5K every other day. 

I wanted to warn you folks to take baby steps if you are a first time runner like me. Do NOT overdo it. From couch potato to five miles doesn't happen overnight. I suffered from knee injury because I ran every day and also did intensive (4-5hrs) hiking every week at the same time. I couldn't get up for few days at one point. I apologize here if I scared any of you. I did not mean to scare or discourage you but 'Play Within Limit' is the key. Always listen to your body, and gradually increase to your desired level. The truth is our body needs to recover and build its strength, so give it time. You may also consider slowing down or wearing knee braces while jogging to help with stability. If you are doing other sports at the same time, make sure you have enough time to recover in between. For example if I go ice skating then I consider that as equivalent amount of exercise as jogging. Last but not least, do not forget to stretch before & after. Stretching in hot environment like a sauna room or a hot tub is even better! 



A lot of times especially in Canada when it is not weather permitting, skipping rope is a pretty awesome alternative. It is a great calorie-burner and you can do it anywhere. Same here: Do It At Your Own Pace. 


Intermittent fasting 

I had skipped dinner since last year. Now I get up at around 7am and usually eat lunch before 2pm. After that I won't have anything solid. I did that because I used to be an aircraft maintenance engineer and I was very active at work. During the pandemic, I din't burn as much calories anymore so I felt bloated after having dinner. I cut dinner and I started to feel great the next day. By doing so I also have great appetite in the morning and I feel more energetic throughout the day. You may have some refreshments or a salad in the afternoon if you feel hungry, but try not to eat a five-course meal and see how you feel. I usually have a smoothie in the afternoon and that would make me full.


Homemade Smoothie

I have been drinking this smoothie every day for over six months now and it has made a difference on my overall energy level. It was inspired by Reese Witherspoon's Green Smoothie Recipe on instagram and I revised a little. Basically you can put whatever fruit you like in this smoothie. To make 1L, I put 1 romaine lettuce head, a handful of spinach, 1 banana, 1 apple, half a lemon, half a grapefruit, fill up with fresh coconut water. Again you can put whatever you like in it. Sometimes I put grapes, blueberries...I never liked eating fruit before but ever since the discovery of this recipe it became much easier to meet the daily fruit intake recommendations.


I am a little strict. I personally also stick to 'no alcohol & no bread ' (or gluten-free). It truly makes a difference on how I feel. 

That's it! Might be worth a try? I believe losing weight in a healthy way should be through a healthy diet and moderate exercise that suit you. 

Health is wealth & not cliche :) Good luck in achieving your goals! 








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