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About Pipa

At our boutique we have some of my favourite earrings. I posted a video on instagram of me wearing those earrings playing Troels Hammer's song "Run King". I was asked about the name of the instrument and if I was a musician. It's called Pipa! And I wouldn't call myself a musician :P     Pipa is no doubt one of the most famous traditional instruments in Asia. I spent over ten years learning pipa through private lessons since the age of five. My first choice was harp. Instead of going to a music school later I went to a regular university to study aeronautics engineering. I wouldn't call myself a musician because I never made a living by playing pipa.       I performed on various occasions. Pipa opened many doors...

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First and foremost, thank you each one of you for checking this out. I am grateful. I wanted to create this section to be able to have a little chat with those ones that I haven't met yet, so that you can have a better understanding of our boutique :)     P & T  Our business is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We are trying to supply unique and beautiful things that everybody can use and will love. They do not need to be very expensive but must be of high quality, chic and unique. P&T emphasizes 'love' and the importance of 'self-care'. It focuses on making you and your loved ones feel healthier, prettier and happier.     The Owner I was probably like one of you, working...

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